South African Online Gambling Legality

When South African players make the decision to play in online casinos, they should be completely aware of the laws that pertain to this type of activity. This knowledge will help players determine where they can play online and will also help to keep them safe when accessing an online casino.

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Learn About Legality Surrounding Playing at South African Online Casinos

Each day, many players from South Africa will access an online casino to meet their gambling needs. Unfortunately, the majority of these players have not researched the gambling laws in South Africa and could be placing themselves at risk. Each country has laws that pertain to gambling activities online and for South African players, these laws can affect the choices they will have when they go to choose an online casino to enjoy cash games from home. For many years, all forms of gambling were restricted and considered to be illegal for players from this area. However, a recent bill has been passed that will actually allow South African players to engage in gambling in online casino sites.

When playing in online casinos, South African players are supposed to follow the laws, regardless of what is being offered at the casino. This means that players should be funding their casino accounts with a credit card only. However, there are other methods that online casinos will support and a number of players are using these instead of their credit cards in casino sites. These methods include prepaid cards like EcoCard and payment services like Neteller and Skrill.

Since online gambling has been permitted, the government aimed to offer 10 licenses to casino sites that would operate in South Africa. These were to be the only sites accessed by players. However, many international casino sites still accept cash players from South Africa, so there are actually many more than 10 options available. At this time, there are no sever ramifications for players accessing other casino sites and while the act of online gambling is not considered entirely legal for South African players, it is an activity that many engage in on a daily basis.

To ensure that players are protected, they should always make sure their selected online casino is licensed and regulated and that it abides by some gambling laws. These may not be the same laws as in South Africa. Players should always review their local gambling laws before making any cash transactions online so that they are aware of the penalties that could be incurred if they are caught engaging at other sites. Overall, South African players do have the ability to play online cash games at great casino sites and will soon have the ability to access additional sites as new gambling laws come into play.