Playtech Releases New Italian Blackjack Live Dealer Game

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Sette e Mezzo is a brand new liver dealer casino game for South African players that you can enjoy playing on right now at a growing number of top-rated SA online casinos such as and Mansion Casino. It’s also often referred to as Italian Blackjack, and the words ‘Sette e Mezzo’ means ‘Seven and a Half.’ The aim of this Blackjack-style game, which is brought to you by Playtech, is to try and reach as close to 7½ points as possible while beating the dealer, and without going bust.

You will instantly notice that the game isn’t played with a standard deck of cards that most of you will be familiar with by now. Instead, you have Coins (Denari), Cups (Coppe), Swords (Spade) and Clubs (Bastoni). There are ten cards in each deck, and they include the number cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, which are all worth their face value in points. The Jack (Fante), Cavalier (Cavallo) and King (Re) are all worth ½ point, apart from the King of Coins.

The King of Coins acts as a Wild Card, and it tries to bring your score as close to 7½ as possible. The other card is the Ace, and it’s worth 1 point. If a two-card winning hand contains a King of Coins card, it’s known as the Sette e Mezzo Royal hand, and it pays 3:2. If you beat the dealer’s score with any other hand, it pays 1:1. The dealer draws up to 5, and the player draws up to 7½. You will keep on drawing automatically until the initial dealer’s first card has been beaten.

A tie pushes on 5½ points and above, and a player loses his or her main bet when tying on 5 points. Also, keep an eye out for the two Side Bet options, which can win even when you don’t win the hand. One of the Side Bet options is called Partita Perfetta. This pays out when yours and the dealer’s first cards create a pair of the same value. For example, a pair of 1’s to 6’s pays 5:1. A pair of face cards pays 10:1, and a pair of 7’s pays 55:1.

The other Side Bet, Mano di Poker, pays out when your first two cards and the dealer’s first card form a specific winning poker hand combination. For example, a Straight pays 5:1. A Flush pays 6:1. Three of a Kind pays 50:1. A Straight Flush pays 75:1, and a Royal Flush pays 150:1. The lowest cost per hand starts from $/€/£1.00 (which is approx. R20), and the maximum cost per hand is capped at $/€/£2,500 (approx. R52,000). To play Live Sette e Mezzo right now, either on desktop or mobile, go to or Mansion Casino. You may also like Live Royale Blackjack, Live Quantum Blackjack, Unlimited Live Blackjack, and Live Soho Blackjack.